Advanced HACCP assessment course



This syllabus has been developed to support the ongoing need to provide high quality training for authorized officers working in the food sector. The provision of such training is intended to provide an in-depth working and practical knowledge of food safety management systems based on the Codex HACCP principles and the ancillary knowledge and skills required by authorized officers. This training is necessary to provide authorized officers with the additional skills and ability to both advise on and assess the application of HACCP principles in a wide variety of circumstances and to provide consistent application nationwide. The training is not intended to deal in detail with the difficulties and challenges of introducing a food safety management system to small businesses. The training is aimed at authorized officers actively engaged in advising and assessing HACCP based systems and is specifically tailored to the requirements of authorized officers. The assumption is made that attendees will have a theoretical understanding of the application of HACCP principles. This could be obtained by attending an introductory level course or through practical knowledge and experience of HACCP Principles. Officers who have qualified within recent years should satisfy this requirement. This Course is not suitable for officers who are new to the subject.


  • To provide up-to-date general knowledge of HACCP and its relationship with national and international standards, trade requirements and legislative requirements.
  • To examine the role of good hygiene practices (Prerequisite programs) as a foundation for HACCP based food safety management systems.
  • To provide a comprehensive overview of the application of HACCP principles for the development of HACCP based systems within food businesses.
  • To consider the design and management requirements associated with the application and implementation of HACCP based food safety management systems in food businesses.
  • To examine the mechanisms required for an effective assessment of a food safety management systems based on codex HACCP Principles.
  • To consider the tools available to educate food business operators in the principles of HACCP.
  • To consider the role of authorized officers in seeking compliance in respect of HACCP.

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