About Promedia International

Since our establishment in 2002, ProMedia Company has strived to provide excellence in its services through ongoing achievements in developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of human capital in the State of Kuwait, Our strategy at that time based on the submission a range of training programs, whether for a group of institutions or at the level of general training with the constant concern to listen good and deep for our customers in conjunction with the follow-up, and a study of the local markets.
Since then, ProMedia has become an institution with expertise in the field of business, and the strategic development of human resources. On the basis of our head office in Kuwait, we extended our business activity to include the GCC (Kuwait, KSA), Egypt markets and the world through strategic partnerships, and specialized institutions around the world that share the same approach to provide the best training and development practices.
Now ProMedia has a global perception with respect to its ability to develop and deliver programs in the areas of training and development. The prudent management, teamwork, vision, as well as the spirit of the competition was the most important characteristics upon which the Chairman of the Board of Directors depended during the past twelve years. At the same time it serves as a qualification which enabled the management and workers to have access to what we are now and to prove our steps and our position in the State of Kuwait as a leader, and leadership in the areas of training and institutional development.